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in Sept. of 2016,the School of HumanitiesSocial Sciences & Law(SHSSL) was recomposed by merging the former both of School of Humanities and Social Sciences(SHSS) and the School of Law(SL), and then SHSSL started to be the biggest community in HIT to accommodate as most as 7 academic disciplines, in order to advance the cross-disciplines’ communications and cooperation. The governed 7 disciplines include Sociology, Economics, Law, Chinese Language and Literature, Arts, Psychology, and Physical Education.



All the 7 disciplines are work together focusing to be the biggest research fellowship & academic community on the studiesof North-East Asia & North-East China.

Separately, they character as follows:

The Department of Sociology owns a first-level discipline to award the doctoral degree. The department conducts cutting-edge researches on industrial sociology, cyber sociology, constructive sociology, and sociology in Northeast Asia.

The Department of Economics originated from the research on Engineering Economics since 1984. In terms of theoretical research, the department conducts frontier researches on currency theory, fiscal theory, finance theory, regional economic theory. Besides, the department emphasizes the forefront researches the application of One Belt and One Road economics, industrial economics, agricultural economics, and technical economics.

The Department of Law conducts the leading researches on the legislation about astronautics and satellites, law of national security, law of cyber security, law of nuclear securityfor civil use purpose, international economic law, international criminal law, and hot-spot issues in the civil & commercial law. Nowadays, it begins to award a sub-discipline doctoral degree in the direction of “Global Compliance” which is the newest in the time of the world.

The Department of Chinese Language and Literature is good at providing the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language. The Department of Arts provides the courses of vocal music, instrumental music, painting, and calligraphy. The Discipline of Psychology commits to the psychological correction to particular group of people, and the Discipline of Physical Education dedicates the education and practices of sports.



Dr. Wu Suran (wusuran@hit.edu.cn)

Dr. Xu Jia (xujia@hit.edu.cn)

Office Phone: 86-451-86413869

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